About Us

PCM Scientific is more than just a CME provider. We have an impressive track record in large-scale European CME initiatives that yield measurable results. Our talented CME and medical education specialists create enduring programmes that demonstrate sustained clinical practice improvements.

Switched-on thinking
From live CME events to cutting edge e-learning platforms, our switched-on approach to course design ensures that content is impactful, interactive and engaging. Our fully integrated in-house services offer everything from digital media to logistics. We supply a seamless service across the range of delivery channels and media.

Our Heritage

PCM Scientific was specifically established to apply our skills in adult education and improving clinical practice to CME. It is an arm of PCM Healthcare, and we’ve grown rapidly since we started, spawning the divisions that provide the structure for today’s company based in Central London.

Jude Norton-Gaster is our new Chief Operating Officer. For any enquires related to our programmes, please contact her at [email protected].

Good CME Practice

PCM Scientific is committed to promoting high grades of CME development and provision. As such we are a founding member of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) Group , dedicated to setting high standards in the development of independent education in Europe.

The gCMEp Group aims to guide European CME providers in contributing to improved health outcomes, by:

  • Championing best practice in CME
  • Focusing on demonstrating effectiveness and results
  • Mentoring and educating
  • Working in collaboration with critical stakeholders

The core principles
The gCMEp Group has consulted widely with national and European medical societies, and national and pan-European CME accreditation bodies. It agrees to pursue the definition of the standards of Good CME Practice along four Core Principles.

Appropriate education
CME providers should ensure that educational activities have clear learning objectives. The objectives should be derived from a coherent and objective process that has identified performance gaps and unmet educational needs. The education must be designed to positively reinforce existing good practice and effect a sustained change in daily clinical practice as appropriate.

Balance needs to be evident in content, faculty and review. Content must be developed independently of the sponsor and reflect the full clinical picture within the framework of the learning objectives.

All relevant information should be disclosed to the learner so that they understand fully how the content has been developed and presented. This includes the terms of the financial support, relevant disclosures of faculty and organisations involved in the development of the scientific content, and the presentation of the programme.

Post-activity evaluation should measure satisfaction, knowledge uptake and intent to maintain or change behaviour in line with learning objectives.

The findings of this consultation have now been published as Setting CME standards in Europe: guiding principles for medical education by Sheelagh Farrow, Darren Gillgrass, Alisa Pearlstone, Jack Torr, and Eugene Pozniak, published in Current Medical Research and Opinion, 9 October 2012.

Our Vision

We believe passionately that CME and medical education are essential components of improving standards in healthcare services and advancing clinical practice.

What we do is not just about repackaging and transmitting information. Instead, we embark on a transformation, using the bright minds of our unrivalled team to create fresh approaches that actually  meet our audiences’ needs.

Our Values

This is a company that truly lives its values. Each is linked to the core behaviours expected from our team; both are integrated into PCM Scientific’s personal development actions. This ensures that the principles are consistently upheld, remaining part of the company’s fabric and making our vision and our reality one and the same.

Our Quality

Our founding commitment to excellence generated the PCM Promise of Perfection. It contributes to our success in exceeding our clients’ expectations of distinction and accuracy in our work. It’s a collection of resources, procedures, shared beliefs and systems combined into our quality charter. This charter was written by the PCM Healthcare Editorial Team as the best possible way to safeguard the calibre of all our activities. It is unusual and remarkable in both its rigour and depth.

We are all proud of the proficiency of our work and are committed to delivering the very best, every day.

Our Team

Our clients are pretty fussy about who they hire. And so are we. PCM Scientific’s offices house a hugely talented team of award winners and high achievers (holding five times more first-class honours degrees than the general graduate population does!). All believe deeply in our core values, and drive excellence at every level.

We’re lucky to have these exceptional people, so we invest in their development through external training, internal mentoring programmes and the PCMU learning centre.

The result? Low staff turnover, outstanding teamwork and consistent delivery to the very highest of standards.