eCME and eLearning

What is eCME?

eCME (electronic Continuing Medical Education) is the means of presenting CME to learners through a digital medium, whether it be a website, a mobile app or any of the many other digital vehicles now available. There are numerous benefits to delivering CME digitally, such as:

  • Flexibility – learning can be done at a time, place and pace that suits the learner
  • Consistency – the quality of the content is identical for everyone
  • Individualisation – the eCME courses can be tailored to the individual needs of the learner
  • Up-to-date – eCME training course content can be easily updated to ensure that it remains accurate, current and relevant
  • Measurable – achievement of learning objectives, and changes in clinical practice, can be easily and effectively measured.

eCME and eLearning

For us, creating eLearning and eCME courses constitutes an area of excellence. It allows us to bring together our scientific and medical education expertise and combine it with our digital innovation and know-how. Our team have a strong and proud heritage in eLearning, rolling out engaging and targeted education to tens of thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.

We pride ourselves in creating easy-to-use eCME portals and learning management systems (LMS), enabling learners to find and gain swift access to the eCME courses that they are most interested in, as well as track their progress. We have the skills and prowess to produce eCME courses and modules that educate learners where they need it most, leading not only to knowledge gain but also to measurable changes within clinical practice.

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