The HCM Academy pilot programme was a great success, offering impactful education on diagnosis and best practice care hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) patients. Targeting US healthcare providers, the programme was developed with our expert Steering Committee – Marty Maron, Anjali Owens, John Lynn Jefferies, and Lisa Salberg, and cascaded a rich CME curriculum. Featuring live and enduring CME activities, the pilot delivered 72 live digital workshops, 6 eLearning modules, and 5 case studies. To enrich the experience, learners could watch HCM patients tell their stories about the disease impact and the issues encountered in healthcare via 5 patient journey videos. The pilot reached ~115,000 US website, who viewed >237,000 pages across nearly 92,000 engaged learning sessions. The CME outcomes averaged a 31% knowledge gain and 35% competency gain among learners.

“The HCM Academy offers the full gamut of disease. Whether it’s age, symptoms or treatment or missed opportunities. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique offering” – Physician, TN

“There is clear need for more education (and awareness!) and I think the HCM Academy provides a great introduction” – Physician, CA

Building upon the US pilot success, we are proudly evolving the curriculum and expanding access across 2023. Now targeting international learners, new CME activities will deliver education meeting the pre-established specific but varying needs of primary and secondary healthcare professionals across the United States, Canada and Europe (including the UK).

Working with an international expert faculty and supported by our Steering Committee, HCM Academy will offer two live CME webinar series – a 3-part series for primary care providers and a detailed 6-part series for secondary care providers. Each live event will be delivered twice to encourage live learning from difference time zones. To extend the educational outreach, each webinar will be made available as an on-demand CME archive.

To deepen the learning and build confidence in practical application, the secondary care webinar series will be complimented with 6 on-demand CME case study discussions between experts, regarding HCM diagnosis and/or management: each exampling specific aspects of disease care and rich with clinical information.