HCM Academy is a free online educational program designed to measurably improve healthcare provider understanding and confidence around HCM.

This month, HCM Academy successfully delivered the last of the secondary care webinar series. Although common, HCM is often under-diagnosed and under-managed, significantly worsening the outcomes for patients and profoundly impacting their lives and their families. Obtaining a diagnosis and can be challenging and careful management, including shared decision-making, are needed for patients with HCM.

The secondary care series aims to raise awareness of HCM and to highlight a number of key issues and specialist considerations on its management:

  • Tackling the differential diagnosis of HCM
  • Best practice pharmacological treatment for HCM
  • Treating atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias in patients with HCM
  • Lifestyle factors in HCM: exercise and sport
  • Pregnancy in HCM patients
  • Identification and management of apical HCM

Tailored for a secondary care audience, this webinar series has been carefully developed by 12 leading expert faculty from the US and Europe. The curriculum offers education to enhance physician knowledge and confidence surrounding efficient diagnosis and management of HCM.

All six secondary care webinars are now available to watch on-demand for free.

Healthcare providers can gain 6 CE credits for completing the whole series. Each webinar has a paired online CME case study that provides more practical insight into key HCM topics. These can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the HCM Academy website.

In addition, existing free online resources, including modules and case studies, that provide greater insight into key HCM topics are available.