What we do

Our services

From offering practice insights, to the creation and implementation of large-scale IME/CME programmes, our fully integrated services offer everything to ensure smooth delivery to and engagement of a global healthcare audience.

Live and on-demand events, peer-to-peer outreach, online learning via LMS, gap and outcome analyses, CME guidance and training – we cover it all. Importantly, we cover it well.

Independent medical education

We collaborate with experts and scientific / clinical evidence to provide effective independent education that improves patient care and outcomes.

We offer a range of seamless services to output:

  • Live face-to-face meetings and events of all sizes, including symposia and standalone conferences
  • International peer-to-peer outreach programmes
  • Enduring learning courses (e.g., webinars, case studies and modules) and learning management systems (LMS)
  • IME/CME guidance and internal training, and accreditation support

Accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Accreditation is the certification of the suitability of competency-based medical education programmes.

As a Good CME Practice Group founding member, we contributed to defining the four core principles of quality CME standards – appropriate education, balance, transparency and effectiveness. These principles guide our activities, that are also designed within the framework of ACCME.

The benefits of investing in IME/CME vs commercially Or focused education are many.

*ACCME: Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

Raises credibility and profile

Demonstrates your corporate and social responsibility towards improving healthcare in a therapy area

Wider reach

Education reaches beyond the ‘industry-friendly’ to a more heterogenous HCP population

Superior healthcare improvements

Education designed to address established practice gaps that typically extend beyond simply ‘better treatment’

Better measurability of benefit

Clinical practice improvements and outcomes can be effectively assessed, along with long-term impact

Greater engagement / advocacy

More trust in independent education and provides opportunity for experts to strongly advocate treatment advancements

IME / CME Guidance

The CME landscape can be confusing. It is not unusual for companies to have mixed or conflicting internal views on what is possible in how CME is supported.

We can help you navigate the CME minefield
  • In-house CME training
  • CME policy review and guidance
  • Ad hoc IME/CME advice

IME / CME and blended learning

Blended learning provides a combination of face-to-face and dynamic digital activities that facilitate any time/any place learning.

For us, providing impactful learning courses constitutes an area of excellence. We bring together our scientific and medical education expertise and combine it with our digital innovation and know-how. Our team have a proud heritage in rolling out engaging and targeted education to tens of thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.

We create easy-to-use learning management systems (LMS), enabling learners to gain swift access to relevant courses and track their progress – so busy professionals gain knowledge where most needed, to confidently apply in practice.