We’re celebrating the success of our ‘Supporting Patients with Cancer’ initiative! Target engagement goals were surpassed at 3 months post-launch, less than halfway through the marketing campaign.  

Launched in late 2022, these multi-format patient-focused resources have received over 50,000 pageviews across Europe and the UK. Developed with leading expert Richard Anderson (Elsie Inglis Professor of Clinical Reproductive Science Head of Section, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Edinburgh), the aim of the campaign is to encourage and support delicate and time-sensitive conversations surrounding fertility preservation with male and female patients diagnosed with leukaemia.  

Designed to support busy members of the oncology multi-disciplinary team best navigate difficult but important discussions about cancer and treatment impact on fertility, all resources are freely accessible online and for download. Frequently asked question leaflets (FAQs) and information videos (specific to sex) explain the key information in an appropriate and constructive tone, to help patients understand the blood-cancer treatment effects on fertility, and several ways to support fertility preservation. 

We’re proud to develop and deliver activities that encourage patient-physician communication and help oncology professionals disseminate evidence-based information to inform patients, their families and caregivers, about disease management options to facilitate shared decision-making and support the delivery of high-quality cancer care.