The Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (IOTOD) winter webinar, titled ‘My treatment, my choice: patient preference and shared decision making in the treatment of opioid dependence’, took place on December 7th, and is our final live IOTOD event this year.

The 45-minute webinar, led by Dr Julia Lewis (Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Wales) and joined by speakers Kristian Konnerup (Drug Assistant Rehabilitation-Consultant, Norway) and Dirk Schäffer (Advisor for Drugs and Correction, Germany) discusses shared decision-making surrounding opioid-dependence treatment, various approaches to supporting informed patient choice and the outcome benefits.

The panel gave an overview of the most widely available treatment formulations before focussing on patient participation in decision-making and key considerations. Looking across Europe, the webinar shares different examples of when and how patients are invited to be part of the decision-making process for developing their treatment plan, and what resources are accessed to support informed choice. Hearing different perspectives provided a holistic learning experience for attendees.

The winter webinar is the last of the years series and builds upon the success of our spring webinar, annual conference and summer webinar provided targeted education to both primary and secondary care audiences.

Attendee recruitment from our IOTOD community was extended through the faculty networks. The event was also advertised via Cogora key media brands Pulse, Nursing in Practice, The Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacy Europe, and Hospital Healthcare Europe. The webinar welcomed addiction specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, GPs, community pharmacists, primary care nurses, drug support workers and other healthcare professionals who manage patients with opioid dependence and/or their associated comorbidities.