This month saw the expansion of the ASK in Oncology Biosimilars programme. To bridge pre-established knowledge gaps, the ASK Real-World Evidence (RWE) project looks share the latest emerging data surrounding oncology biosimilars, as well as the outcomes of adopting biosimilars into different healthcare systems.

Working in partnership with global and regional experts, the ASK RWE programme features a variety of digestible resources that can be shared with the oncology multidisciplinary team to support communication and decision-making around any implementation process.

The ASK RWE abstract library focuses on 3 strategic areas – switching, implementation and economics. The digested summaries of the latest published papers, interpret the associated real-world data and outcomes from switching oncology biosimilars and provide learners with bite-sized takeaways to consider.

A series of regional case studies, developed with expert faculty, provide reflections on the oncology biosimilars adoption landscape for different healthcare systems including Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, America, as well as an overall global perspective. Each case study offers a localised view on oncology biosimilar implementation, the switching process and economic impact for that healthcare setting. Uniquely, each study features discussion points for patients when implementing a biosimilar switch to support a successful programme of smooth transition and better patient experience. Canada launched as the first of the five regional case studies in the programme.

The ASK RWE programme’s resources is marketed to our oncology multi-disciplinary community (oncologists, hospital pharmacists, secondary care nurses, advanced practice providers, and payors) via Cogora key media brands Hospital Pharmacy Europe and Hospital Healthcare Europe, as well as our expert faculty and worldwide societies. Explore the programme and keep up-to-date with the latest educational resources on the ASK Biosimilars website.